eBreezeVR Headset


What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality or VR is a computer system that includes a main computer processor unit (CPU), graphics processor unit (GPU), connectivity and other sensors to generate an immersive audio and video environment. It is typically associated with some sort of portable headset that includes a high resolution screen, audio output or built-in headset as well as other sensors, inputs/outputs and hand controllers. Most VR systems today either require a connection to a high-end gaming PC or need a smartphones installed in the headset for use of its CPU, internet connection and display.


How does the eBreezeVR Headset work?

The eBreezeVR Headset is an all-in-one device and has many of the same high-end components and functionality as tablets and smartphones but it does not require a smartphone, desktop PC or gaming console. The headset is powered by Nibiru and Android and has an integrated ultra high-definition video display and detachable stereo headphones. The eBreezeVR Headset has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB ports and a built-in accelerometer, magnetometer and compass for real-time 360° head tracking. This means when you move your head, the images on the display move with you and since the headset is designed to block out any external light, all you see is the display which provides for a very immersive experience. The interactive screen works similar to a smartphone or tablet with the ability to download and launch applications (Apps) using the integrated side touch panel on the headset or wireless hand controller.


What can I use the eBreezeVR Headset for?

Although initially VR was designed to be used for interactive video gaming, application have since been designed to give users the albility to watch movies and TV using apps such as Hulu and Netflix. Users can experience stereoscopic videos and photos from 10,000’s of videos on YouTube360⁰ of exotic and distant places like national parks, monuments or other countries. Experience adventures, sports, museums and even other worlds in a 360 3D environment like you’re actually there. 


Do I need a smartphone or computer?

No. The eBreezeVR Headset is an all-in-one device with all of the components, sub-systems and battery built into a very portable and easy to wear device.


How does the eBreezeVR Headset connect to the internet?

Like many other mobile devices, the eBreezeVR Headset connects to the internet through your Wi-Fi router using the 802.11 a/b/c/g standards in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands.


How does the eBreezeVR Headset work with the bundled eBreeze360° Camera?

Live and recorded video from the eBreeze360⁰ Camera can be viewed using the free Android app pre-loaded on the headset. The eBreezeVR Headset bundle includes the eBreeze360 Camera as a companion accessory that allows for you to capture and create your own 360⁰ VR content.

How does the eBreezeVR Headset work with the bundles eBreezeStudio Software?

The eBreezeStudio Software gives you the ability to take your videos to the next level by adding unique audio tracks, special effects and color enhancements. After you edit and create your own custom videos, you simply post them to YouTube360, FaceBook360 or any other site that supports 360⁰ videos and view them through on your headset browser.


eBreeze360° Camera


How does the eBreeze360° Camera work?

The Ebreeze360⁰ Camera uses a spherical lens to capture photos and video 360⁰ horizontally and 220⁰ vertically from the center point of the lens. Photos are captured at 16 megapixels and videos are recorded at 2K+ resolution on a micro-SD card. The removable battery provides between 60 – 120 minutes of recording time depending upon resolution settings. Recharging is provided using the included USB to Micro USB cable.

How do I connect to the eBreeze360° Camera?

You connect to the eBreeze360⁰ Camera via Wi-Fi Direct (no router needed) using the free iPhone, Android and Windows app on your device or desktop. The app is used to change settings, view the live video stream, snap photos, start/stop recording and retrieve recorded images/video from the SD card.


Why is the eBreeze360° Camera different from other action camera?

The eBreeze360⁰ Camera captures photos and videos 360⁰ around the center point of the camera’s lens in ultra-high definition. The camera is a bit larger than a golf ball, is ultra-portable and can be used anywhere including under water using the waterproof case. Using the eBreezeStudio Software, you now become the ultimate storyteller creating professionally produced photos and videos using 1000’s of special effects.


Where can I use the eBreeze360° Camera?

The Ebreeze360⁰ Camera can be used anywhere you use your smartphone including indoors, outdoors, on the go and even underwater using the included waterproof case. The included mounting kit comes with several types of mounts for use on handlebars, slightly curved and flat surfaces. The camera has a standard ¼ x 20 mounting socket on the bottom for use with many types of other mounts and tripods.


How does the eBreeze360° Camera work with the eBreezeStudio Software?

Photos and videos from the eBreeze360⁰ Camera are first processed (transcoded) using the free iPhone, Android or Windows app. Once the file(s) are transcoded, you can open and edit them in eBreezeStudio and create your own 360⁰ custom videos.


eBreezeStudio Software


How does the eBreezeStudio Software work?

The eBreezeStudio Software is powered by PinnacleStudio 20 and is an easy to use yet feature-rich photo/video editing platform. It gives you the ability to create awesome action VR videos for posting to YouTube360 or Facebook360. Some of the key features include multi-camera video editing, HEVC (H.265) import/export capability, live screen capture, motion tracking and stereoscopic 3D & 360⁰ video editing and production. Please see the eBreezeStudio Software product page for PC hardware specs and requirements.


How does the eBreezeStudio Software work with the eBreezeVR Headset?

eBreezeStudio Software gives you the ability to create professionally looking stereoscopic 3D and 360⁰ photos and video for sharing to YouTube360, Facebook360 and other social media and web sites or viewing on your eBreezeVR Headset.


How does the eBreezeStudio Software work with the eBreeze360° Camera?

Once you transcode your photos or videos from the eBreeze360⁰ camera using the free iPhone, Android or Windows app, you can import the files into eBreezeStudio to use for creating your own custom photo collages or YouTube360 and Facebook360 action videos.


Can I import video into eBreezeStudio from other cameras?

Yes. eBreezeStudio supports all of the common photo and video formats including some of the newer codecs such as H.265 (import & export), MVC 3D and Sony’s XAVC S. Photo and video files from your smartphone, GoPro, or DSLR cameras can also be imported into eBreezeStudio for editing and included in your action videos.